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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is “ To Improve the service quality in India ”.

Our Aim

1. We aim to enable Consumers to find best service providers (Vendors) who can satisfy their specific service needs.
2. We aim to enable Vendors with simple tools to improve their visibility and service quality to grow their business.


India is a country with an aspiring population with a lot of Quality Conscious and sincere Vendors as well. However, finding the right vendor to get satisfactory services has never been easy. One of the main areas needing improvement is to highlight consumer’s collective opinion about Good Quality of Service and their Satisfaction.
As someone experienced with Customer service industry in different roles - As solution providers, Providers of Customer service and Consumers, we want to start a revolution, a change in the mindset of both consumers as well as vendors. is developed to bridge this gap with your co-operation.
As a consumer we request you to utilize to find Quality vendors and contact them using our website (and NOT over phones) for your service needs. Doing so will give you an opportunity to register your feedback against every request made.
As a Vendor we request you to register with us and provide the best quality service to the requests you get through This will give you the opportunity to get a consumer’s opinion about every request you served.
Our algorithm is not b(i)ased on the Listing or Ads or Money paid by Vendors.
With your participation, we believe that we can together improve the quality and consistency of the services provided and highlight good quality Vendors over a period of time. Please Contact Us to let us know your thoughts and comments.

Thank you for your support!
ServiceHunters portal team.